Listen to Dan Caplis lie about hanging up on a caller when the caller asks about Ed Couse not trusting Dan. (repeated for clarity)

Listen to Dan Caplis hanging up on another caller asking about Ed Couse not trusting Dan.

Dan Caplis is Truly a Bad Lawyer who has deluded himself into believing that he is an accomplished trial attorney and nationally recognized legal analyst. Dan Caplis is the poster boy of why attorneys have a bad reputation in America. Dan’s only success in the legal industry comes from the idiom, “even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in awhile.”

Dan claims he "has been litigating catastrophic injury cases since he began practicing law in 1983". In fact, Dan proclaims that during his first year out of law school "he was selected to serve as the lead trial attorney" in a complex, three week medical malpractice case involving catastrophic birth injuries to a set of triplets.

Dan’s self proclaimed extraordinary trial and self aggrandizing experiences have supposedly convinced Dan that he should "spend his life helping good people whose lives had been shattered by the carelessness of others" which is sheer poppycock.

Dan's self aggrandizing and arbitrary willingness and/or ability to take cases to trial has only slightly helped Dan to settle his alleged "thousands of important cases prior to trial". To hear Dan tell the story, everyone is afraid of Dan because of his power and influence, “no one dare challenge the champion of the people Dan Caplis”. Again, as alleged by Dan, he claims to have served as counsel in "numerous cases which have resulted in seven figure settlements" and that Dan is frequently called on to handle cases which are the subject of "extensive local and/or national interest". Of course this truly doesn't happen, Dan just wants everyone to believe it does so he can suck in new unsuspecting clients, do a mediocre job and move on to the next victim (I mean client).

Dan would also have you believe he is a "respected legal analyst" to bait you into his law office by believing he is a competent attorney, although his legal abilities and attorney skill sets lack true talent. As further bait and to set the hook, Dan also claims his legal analysis has been "quoted by many prominent media outlets, including the Washington Post, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Boston Globe, Associated Press, Time Magazine, U.S. News and World Report, CNN, and NBC News". Of course as so many of Dan's tall tales, these statements have been embellished to impress people into a false sense of security. As exaggerations of others belief in Dan, Dan claims to have been a regular guest on national interview shows such as Larry King Live and The O’Reilly Factor. Plus, Dan never let’s anyone forget how frequently he is invited to speak to professional groups, church organizations, and schools. Dan never let’s anyone forget his work on behalf of the disadvantaged, nor his many recognitions for excellence by numerous groups, such as Humanitarian of The Year Award from the Ancient Order of Hibernians and the Pro Vitae Award from the Archdiocese of Denver. To top it off, Dan claims in connection with his media work that 5280 magazine named him among the “25 Most Powerful” people in Denver, and a Rocky Mountain News columnist labeled Dan “A Colorado Treasure.” The Biggest Problem with Dan is Dan believes in his own embellished, contrived and artificial self who can do anything, to anyone just because he is “the undefeated heavyweight champion of the people” who speaks Dan’s Own “truth to power” and the people can eat cake if they don’t like it.

Honestly, and in all sincerity, Dan Caplis is a Sub-Par Attorney with Very Limited Skill Sets, Abilities and/or Talents. If Dan Caplis didn't think so highly of himself and his self alleged superior performance, the king would see he has no clothes and everyone knows it.